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Below is a list of topics that will be covered during the event and should serve you as a guide in submitting your paper.

Everyday Operational Excellence

Sessions under this sub-topic are expected to address:

•  Delivery of the Vision Zero approach for road safety
•  Development in the Bus Safety Standard
•  Introduction new safety features on buses
•  Computerised driving assistance to increase safety in bus transportation
•  Vehicle design
•  Engaging with new players in the market to increase the security of urban transport networks

Sessions under this sub-topic are expected to address:

•  Total Cost of Ownership-models for Zero Emission Buses
•  Modelling for procurement, route design and charging profile
•  Operational models: design, practical experiences, management, efficiency & optimisation, operating cost effectiveness
•  Intelligent dispatching systems and electric vehicle monitoring systems for Electric Buses
•  Depot design and depot transformation; requirements for depots for hydrogen and battery buses
•  Battery technology: what can we expect in the next decade?
•  Development of innovative charging modes (use of low peak electric price, optimise land usage, ratio of one charging pillar for multiple vehicles,…)
•  Purchase of pure electric buses through financial leases
•  Electric buses in regional and intercity transport

Sessions under this sub-topic are expected to address:

•  PTA’s modernizing and optimizing their bus systems while working within the confines of strict budgets
•  Development of on demand bus in China, Europe and USA (2017-2019): analysing the current landscape
•  Test learning from on demand bus service and ride-sharing pilot programs
•  Exploring external partnerships
•  “door-to-bus” smartphone app
•  Autonomous buses as part of the urban transport strategy
•  The future of artificial intelligence in bus public transport
•  Operational excellence

Sessions under this topic are expected to address:

•  Innovations in service contracts and tendering : updating the current landscape
•  New and emerging business models
•  PTA’s borrowing money to bus operators to purchase buses
•  Tender structure in the era of electric bus system take up

Sessions under this topic are expected to address:

•  Who will be working in the public transport sector in 2030?
•  Diversity in the workforce
•  Attracting new talents and skills
•  Customer care concepts: every bus employee should have a concept of maintaining a service at all times
•  Customer service excellence

Business Opportunities Beyond Traditional Operations

Sessions under this topic are expected to address:

•  New business models
•  Enhancing in-depth cooperation with upstream and downstream businesses in the new energy industry
•  Expand to relative industries and development of new profit growth points, optimizing operating cost structure and improving operating efficiency
•  Charging services
•  Payments and accounts
•  Electric vehicle parts and configurations
•  Energy storage and battery life usage

Sessions under this topic are expected to address the business facets of intelligent development of bus public transport:

•  Smart buses : real time monitoring to road conditions
  Dynamic and intelligent scheduling
•  Safety and automatic monitoring
•  Automatic collection of passenger flow information
•  Wireless automatic charging
•  Driverless
•  How can PTA’s support integrated mobility?

Sessions under this topic are expected to address:

•  Bus stops and bus stations innovative design
•  Business and logistical hubs
•  Business models to operate bus stations
•  Profit and growth points

Sessions under this topic are expected to address:

•  Organisation of a financing market place: updating the current landscape
•  Re-exploring complementary revenue sources for public transport
•  Land Value Capture
•  Is PPP business booming? 

Submission Guidelines

  • Download the full guidelines for more information
  • All documents are to be submitted in English only
  • If you require any support in the process or have any questions, contact sarah.langenakens@uitp.org

Submissions closed.