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Immersion Experience

The perfect way to kick off your International Bus Conference experience!

At the conference, you’ll not only hear about the latest trends and implementations, you’ll get close-up and practical demonstrations with our immersion experience which begins on Monday until Tuesday morning before the official opening of the Conference on Tuesday afternoon.

The immersion experience consists of a technical visit and bus project talks and networking in the Busworld Europe Exhibition.

Technical Visit

Organised in collaboration with the public transport operator in Brussels STIB/MIVB, see innovation in action and ask the questions that matter.

E-mobility turnkey solutions. Electric bus fleet operated by STIB Brussels.

Duration: 1:30
Number of participants: 40
Start time: Tuesday 22 October 2019, 8:45
Meet up point: Haren Depot, on the Bordet Station side, Houtweg 99

The public transport operator in Brussels (STIB/MIVB) operates 7 minibus, 5 standard and 25 articulated busses, using overnight depot charging and opportunity charging at depots and in the city centre. Currently these buses are running in commercial service on 4 lines.

The visit will consist of  riding the Line 64 for one stop and visiting the charging infrastructure in the depot, with the presence of the operator STIB, the bus manufacturer Solaris and the charger manufacturer Schaltbau.

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Bus Project Talks and Networking

Meet the experts from innovative EU funded projects and other UITP initiatives about buses combined with live demonstrations in the Busworld Europe exhibition. Discover and learn more about the projects and how they are changing the sector.

Topics include

ASSURED – Interoperability and high power fast charging as enablers for the  upscale of urban full-size commercial fleets

ITxPT – Open IT architecture for Public Transport

Next generation BRT operations

Large scale clean bus deployment

E-BUS design principles

JIVE 1&2 – Advancing the commercialisation of fuel cell buses through large-scale deployment of vehicles and infrastructure.

BIOMOTIVE – Production and validation of bio-based materials for interior parts of cars to improve the sustainability and life cycle of automotive industry.