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What we’ll be talking about

A key challenge facing the bus sector is how to transform a bus company from being a traditional labour intensive business into a technology and resource driven enterprise.

To address this, at the International Bus Conference, we will focus on both everyday operational aspects as well as looking at business opportunities beyond traditional bus operations. 

You’ll get the full picture of what is happening in the sector, examples of real-life implementations from across the world.

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Key Topic Areas

Electric and New Energy Buses
We’ll cover everything from deployment to scaling-up and management of large scale electric and new energy
bus fleets.

Everyday Operations
Learn about smart bus operations and operational best practices using innovative technologies.

Bus Fundamentals
Get real-life examples for maintenance, scheduling, planning, rostering and happy staff.

Business Growth
Explore the new business opportunities which are opening up beyond traditional bus operations.

Bus Operations in Growing Economies
You’ll hear about governance best practice and BRT.