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Aleksandr POLYAKOV


General Management, MOSTRANSPROEKT

Moscow, Russian Federation

Alexander worked in Russian Railways, in the IT Department of the Government of Moscow, in Moscow Traffic Control Centre.rUnder the leadership of Mr. Polyakov a number of significant projects for the Moscow city have been developed and implemented, such as:r- development and implementation of the Transportation Management Plan in Moscow during the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and 2018 FIFA World Cup;r- development of Integrated Traffic Management Scheme (ITMS);r- creation of a Dynamic Transport Model of street and road network of Moscowr- development and optimization of route networkr- LRT Design


Wed 23 Oct: Bus operation: network design and route planning

Bus Route Network: how to upgrade it on demand

Since 2015, public transport in Moscow made a leap to a new level. Along with rolling stock renewal Moscow started elaborating and implementing new ground route scheme.
The route network was significantly redesigned. Initial aim was to eliminate the duplicates. The number of routes of private carriers was reduced from 460 in 2015 to 211 operating routes. This reduction resulted in a decrease in the number of vehicles of commercial carriers: from 4.6 thousand vehicles in 2015 to 1.9 thousand buses now. All this led eventually to a reduction in road congestion. The implementation for route calculation on the base of data and new digital technologies brought Moscow to multi-route schedule. This schedule is in the process of constant development as on requests of inhabitants, but also on the base of data calculations and analysis. The future is seen in the balanced multimodal transport system, for which each city have to start to prepare.