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Alexander WOLF

Head of Bus technology

Mobilität, Stadwerke München GMBH

München, Germany

Born: 14th of September 1967n1995 - 1999: Servicemanager at Neoplan Bus GmbHn1999 - 2003: Head of Service at Neoplan Bus GmbHn2003 - 2005: Head of customer Service at Neoman Bus GmbHn2005 - 2008: Head of Aftersales at MAN Truck & Bus Mexico S.A. de C.V.n2008 - 2010: Key Account Service at MAN Truck & Bus GmbHn2010 - 2012: Head of After Sales at VISEON Bus GmbHn2012 - 2018: Head of Aftersales at MAN Truck & Bus Mexico S.A. de C.V.nsince 2018: Head of bus Technology at SWM


Wed 23 Oct: Station and depot development

Implementing and electrification of a new bus depot in a growing city like Munich

Moosach is the name of a new bus-depot in Munchen. This presentation shows the concept and advantages of a mixed-use bus depot-building and the integration to an attractive city design. Moosach combines both electrification of a bus-depot, the challenge of implementing a new bus-depot in a growing city like Munich as well as the vertical integration into the SWM bus company’s business model including property development with revenue generating real estate. The new business approach (electric transformation, mixed-use with maintenance, property and business uses ) preconfigures the next generation of bus depots in Germany.