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Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

General Management, Optibus

Tel Aviv, Israel

Amos Haggiag is co-founder and CEO of Optibus. He leads, guides, and directs the overall success of Optibus. During his career Amos architected online ad targeting systems, search engines, and the Cortana personal assistant, for Microsoft, Siemens, and Collarity. Amos’ experience includes: optimization and graph algorithms, machine learning, distributed systems and big data. Amos holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Ben-Gurion University. He graduated with Dean Excellence, decorated by the Wolf, Intel, and Elkin prizes.


Wed 23 Oct: Bus operation: network design and route planning

Re-designing bus networks: changing routes and timetables dynamically

Can you predict ridership? Can you optimise routes and trips to better meet demand? Can you create demand responsive bus routes? What difference would it make for riders and for the length of their mass transportation commutes? What are the underlying technologies and service ideas that support this? This talk will also discuss the latest innovations in bus operations software for network design and route and timetable optimisation, as well as dynamic and intelligent scheduling, use of artificial intelligence for scheduling and more.r