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Head of Strategy Development Department

Development Department, IETT

Istanbul, Turkey

Ms. Büşra Buran is Director of Strategy Development Department at IETT, Istanbul since 2017. She has started her career as consultant for Istanbul’s world-famous Bus Rapid Transit system in 2010 and later she has taken various managerial roles within IETT, such as Operation Planning Manager from 2013 to 2014 and Manager of Service Improvement from 2014 to 2017 where she was responsible for service quality measurement model for Istanbul’s overall public transport. She has vast experience on bus and BRT optimization, planning, global benchmarking studies, performance analysis and setting up quality management systems and procedures. She holds Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Yıldız Technical University, Master of Industrial Engineering from Galatasaray University. Ms. Buran is a Ph.D. candidate, currently working on Business Management Engineering, at Istanbul Technical University.


Wed 23 Oct: High capacity bus systems, from bus priority schemes to BRT

Service Quality Model; Istanbul Metrobus Case Study

In 2017, IETT gained one more certification which is EN 13816 for Istanbul Metrobus System. IETT has service quality model to measure and improve its presented service quality to customers. Using this model, lots of improvements actualized for Istanbul Metrobus System. Key performance indicators are defined to measure performance of service quality according to the eight criteria that are availability, accessibility, information, time, customer care, comfort, security and environmental impact. After defining target of KPIs, lots of improvement actions are planned and performed step by step. This paper summarized improvement actions to have EN 13816 for Istanbul Metrobus System.