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Christian BEGHIN

Marketing Manager

Corporate marketing department, Keolis

Deventer, Netherlands

Speaker is Chris Beghin, an experienced mobility expert that works for Keolis since 2014 with a main focus on the new mobility solutions like transport on demand and autonomous vehicle. Before he worked for several other companies in the transport branch in positions related to bids and tenders, network planning, analysis on transport and mobility data and rapid transport systems.rnLeading the way in public transport, Keolis partners with public decision makers to make shared mobility an asset for cities and their communities. Internationally recognised as the leading operator of trams and automated metros, Keolis adopts an innovative approach with all its partners and subsidiaries (Kisio, LeCab, EFFIA, Keolis Santé and Cykleo) to develop new forms of shared and customised mobility, and reinforce its core business across a range of transport modes.


Wed 23 Oct: On-demand buses, shared mobility and service optimisation

Transport on demand as smart and integrated mobility solution in the digital transition

Digital mobility solutions create a smart mobility world while still co-existing with classical forms of transport: Integrated and operating as a symbiosis. First and last mile solutions like transport on demand are therefore part of Keolis’ offer worldwide, like in France, Netherlands and Australia. The technology Keolis uses is leveraged to deliver a high quality service in response to the mobility demands of a modern society, supporting service provision in line with customer need, where and when desired, and with an ease of use and reliability which will drive further demand. Today’s mobility is defined by these smart transport solutions and thus becoming part of everyday (commuters) life. In fact when Keolis is involved, beautiful integrated on demand solutions arise which we would like to share.