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Originally from the South of France, I studied sustainable energy and have been working for RATP for 5 years. Before that, I worked in the private sector, developing renewable energy projects.nI am now assigned to the energy transition programme of bus fleet for RATP Group, in RATP REAL ESTATE - the real estate subsdiary of RATP Group.


Wed 23 Oct: Station and depot development

Bus depot transformation and multiple use land : a business approach. Paving the way of the energy transition of bus fleets.

Number one for public transport in greater Paris, RATP is not only responsible for transporting the people who live in the city, it also takes part in transforming the cityscape by modernising its bus centres.
By transforming its industrial buildings, RATP is inventing a new urban form an raising its profile as one of the city's major players. RATP counts 25 bus depots, in Paris and the suburbs. Some of these centres need to be transformed with 3 watchwords: increased capacity, modernisation of infrastructure and urban integration. 2 case studies will be presented to illustrate this "functional mix". Finally, those bus centres transformations pave the way of the energy transition of bus fleets.