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New Technology and Projects Manager

Engineering, Tower Transit Operations Ltd.

London, United Kingdom

David Yorke MSc BEng CEng MSOE MIRTErnNew Technology and Projects ManagerrnTower Transit Operations LimitedrnA Chartered Engineer and qualified to master’s degree level in both Hydrogen Safety Engineering and Electronics, David Yorke has worked on zero and low emission buses for the last ten years.rnDavid plays an integral part in all aspects of Tower Transit’s zero emission transition policy, plus he has been closely involved with the London hydrogen fuel cell buses. He is an expert on the technology, infrastructure and the daily operation of hydrogen fuel cell and other zero emission buses. David collaborates closely with many stakeholders in projects including Transport for London (TfL) and others.rnPrior to his current employment at Tower Transit, David has worked in industry on new product introduction and quality. He has extensive experience of high technology manufacturing.


Wed 23 Oct: Maintenance, depot and asset management

The depot of the Future

The changing technology of buses is forcing revolution in bus depots. Processes that have been fundamentally the same for decades are having to change to accommodate low and zero emission buses.r While appreciating that zero emission buses are the future, and in the next few years will be demanded by most major cities, the experience of operating large fleets and the impact on depots has rarely been explored.r This presentation will look at the impact of operating zero emission buses, both plug in electric and hydrogen fuel cell, on the depot processes, scheduling and maintenance. This will include the fuelling or charging of the bus, the effect in the workshop, any adaptations that are potentially required and how to adjust well established routines to ensure that a bus undertakes it fundamental role of moving passengers from A to B.r