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Manager of Trolleybus Branch

, Beijing Public Transport Corporation

, China

Manager of trolleybus branch of BPTC, engaged in Dual-source trolleybus operation management for many years, committed to Dual-source trolleybus operation and promotion.rThe mature management experience and power supply guarantee technology of dual-source trolleybuses have been used for many years, hope to spread them to other cities and countries in the world.r


Wed 23 Oct: Electric growth: Trolleybus in-motion-charging

Dual-source trolleybus from the past to the future, more prosperous future.

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Dual-source trolleybus vehicle use clean energy power supply by dual sources. The vehicle in the process of driving can online in motion charging, also can off-line operation, compared with the charging type of E-bus, without charging pile installation, greatly save the parking charge area, increasing the service efficiency of the vehicle, and have zero emissions, low noise, and many other new energy vehicle characteristics. The efficient operation of Dual-source trolleybus is based on the erection of charging line network and the guarantee of power supply system. BPTC has accumulated outstanding technical advantages for many years and has a complete system of design, development and construction of line network and power station, reaching the national or even international technical level.