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Maintenance Engineer, TPER S.P.A

Bologna, Italy

Graduated in Civil Transportation Engineering in the University of Bologna, started his experience in Fleet Management in 2017 with an Internship in collaboration with the University.rNow he is part of the TPER team that introduced Life Cycle Cost methodology and new traction tecnologies like electric, CNG and LNG. r


Wed 23 Oct: Maintenance, depot and asset management

The “Transition” of the PTO fleets, under target for 2030, analyzed by means of some robust models

The PTO organization network for the buses management are the main arena for a good resolution of this challenge. Main objective of this paper is to delivery some tested and clear methodological models for evaluation of the operational strategy of the PTO by the correlation of:
-Sustainability fleet development (traction system & depot activities) vs fleet maintenance in-out sourcing;
-maintenance knowledge vs fleet age and technical characteristic;
-dynamic analysis from now to 2030 of different improvement plans of one specific buses fleet;
-eBus charge characteristic vs exploitation and depot activities.
This models was developed by University of Bologna and applied in Tper spa strategic analysis, since ’90, and are in use for training and strategic choices in different PTO companies.By using those frameworks each PTO can understand well his specific journey from yesterday (!) to 2030