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Head of ecological transition

Innovation department, Systra

Paris, France


Wed 23 Oct: Maintenance, depot and asset management

Let’s get your assets ready for cleaner mobility!

With every passing day, awareness of greenhouse gas production and fossil fuel consumption in mobility is raising the stakes for a clean energy transition. This is a vital component of sustainable smart cities, and an aid to the development of rural areas.
Depot transformation concentrates all the challenges to be faced in an energy transition project (system integration, service disruption...)
In this speech, SYSTRA will present a proven methodology to manage such project (through example in France & Canada)
• Calibrate the fleet of electric vehicles to be stabled at the depot, and the electric power they need
• Study how the depot, and the buses, will be connected to the electricity grid
• Detail the changes needed to bring the depot up to statutory standards
• Modify the workshops to service electric buses (e.g. roof access)
• Update operating and maintenance procedures and documents<