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Development Executive

Business Development, Arriva

London, United Kingdom

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrHaving joined Arriva over 8 years ago, Johan has moved through various roles and departments gaining experience and expertise while working with and alongside leaders of the industry.rrIn his role as Development Executive at Arriva, he is responsible for the evaluation and delivery of overall international growth through acquisitions and tendering.


Wed 23 Oct: Roundtable: On-demand buses, shared mobility and service optimisation

How can we use innovative bus services to tackle mobility challenges?

Over the last decade Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) services have grown in popularity. It can make a significant contribution to a better and more integrated local passenger transport network. In this presentation we will cover how demand responsive bus services can be used to increase the accessibility of public transport by providing a modern and innovative service for our passengers, enhancing their ability to move from place to place. In the future more and more of us are going to make journeys without fixed routes and timetables in vehicles we don’t own or with people we don’t know. This trend requires a change in approach, both from the operator as well as from the transport authorities and the suppliers. We will explore the key issues that must be addressed when seeking to design solutions for tackling the transport challenges of both our cities as well as rural areas. We will consider the role of public policy and regulations, the role of technology and the importance of collaboration between the various stakeholders.The presentation draws from Arriva’s international best practice and provides examples from various countries and regions within Europe covering countries such as The Netherlands, Germany and the UK.