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Senior Project Manager

Business and Product Development, DE LIJN

Mechelen, Belgium

25 years of experience in public transport: 8 years as head of the planning department at De Lijn + 5 years as head of the operation division at De Lijn +3 years as advisor of the Minister of Transport in Flanders + 9 years as senior project manager for Brabantnet. Brabantnet (www.brabantnet.be) is a program with different tramlines in the Brussels area and with the first trambus-line in Belgium: the Ringtrambus (www.ringtrambus.be)


Wed 23 Oct: High capacity bus systems, from bus priority schemes to BRT

The new Brabantnet Trambus Line: design as a leverage to more accessible city transport

An innovative trambus concept was chosen because of its flexibility, cost-efficiency and aptness to operate in an urban context. This aptness was important using existing streets with many car and bicycle traffic on a limited space. The flexibility of the trambus made it possible to keep on combining all these modes by a keen reorganisation of the infrastructure use. The project created additional leverages for accessibility. An important step was the design of a new access platform using new well-designed elements leading to minimal use of space with high versatility and comfort. Standardisation accommodates better for users with mental disorders, facilitates the visual impaired and reduces building costs giving opportunities for prefabrication. The design process of the platform had even impact on the organisation of the access of blind and wheelchair passengers on the new trambus.