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GENT, Belgium

Kurt Vollmacher has from childhood a great passion for everything that has to do with technology.rHe has bee a firefighter for 35 years, 23 as a volunteer.rKurt has been graduated as vehicle technician, fire officer and fire prevention engineer.rProfessionally, he is instructor technical rescue and alternative energy sources at Brandweerzone Centrum in Belgium. He has written several courses on and investigated accidents/fires with vehicles on alternative energy. He is delegate for Belgium in the Commission for Extrication and New Technology within CTIF. CTIF is the International Association for Fire and Rescue Services who represent 39 countries.His work within this commission is Project Leader on Rescue Information.rFor this work as project leader ISO he has receive an international award from CTIF. “Never give up to ensure that people @ the field get the information they deserve is his goal”


Wed 23 Oct: The latest on Hydrogen and fuel – cell buses

Quick introduction CTIF(International Association of Fire and Rescue Services) Rescue information with pictograms, safety sheets and emergency rescure guides in New Energy Buses – ISO 17840 standards