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Head of Sector - Public Transport

General Management, Danish Passenger Transport

Copenhagen, Denmark


Wed 23 Oct: Happy bus drivers, happy customers

Driver performance and customer satisfaction: Bridging the gap in tendered contracts

How do PTAs and operators cooperate to develop a customer centered approach in public transport when the operators are operating in publi tendered gross contracts? The speech answers the following questions...

1) What does our analysis tell us about the actual effect of driver performance and behavior and ultimate customer satisfaction?
2) How does the operator work in a efficient manner to build a customer centered behavior and culture within its organization?
3) Which tools in the PTA-Operator-Driver cooperation are necessary to builds a common and coordinated approach to passenger satisfaction?


1. Survey data measuring the level of satisfaction amongst bus passengers in years 2013 – 2018.
2. Survey conducted among the Danish bus operators during March/April 2019.
3. Analysis of various schemes and driver training programs in the PTAs over the years 2013 - 2018