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Leonardo Angel CAÑON RUBIANO

Urban Transport Specialist

Other, The World Bank

Washington, United States of America

Leonardo Canon Rubiano is an Urban Transport Specialist in the World Bank’s Transport Global Practice. He is focused on providing technical support and leading analytical and activities in urban mass transit operations, demand modelling and data analytics in the East Asia Pacific region (Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar, mainly), and has worked extensively in Bank projects in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Brazil. Leonardo has held positions at the Colombian public sector, including Chief BRT Operations Officer with TransMilenio, Bogota’s mass transit authority, and infrastructure advisor to the Colombia National Planning Department for the Bogota Metro Line One Project. Leonardo holds a MSC degree in Urban Planning and Development from University College London, and an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia.


Wed 23 Oct: Bus service tendering and contracting

Fleet provision concessions: a key a strategy to support modern bus systems in the developing world

Cities with high-quality public bus networks share similar institutional arrangements: the public sector is responsible for infrastructure development, network and service planning, regulating and monitoring (managing) of operations, while efficiency-oriented bus companies operate services according to specifications and standards well defined in contracts. Unbundled concessions for fleet provision and fleet operation operate under a mechanism where the public sector awards various private independent concessions for fleet provision and fleet operation. Examples: (a) Santiago, Chile: The Santiago Bus fleet comprises nearly 6,500 buses. As of 2018, the city is structuring fleet provision contracts for as much as 2,700 buses for up to 4 fleet providers.; Bogota, Colombia'Bogota’s Transmilenio: competitively selecting up to 6 fleet providers and 6 fleet operators for a 1,400 buses.