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Research Associate & Projectleader


Wuppertal, Germany

Dr.-Ing. Lisa Döring is a research associate and project leader at Neue Effizienz GmbH, an associated institute of the University of Wuppertal in Germany. Since 2016 she works in the project “BOB – A Smart Battery Trolleybus System” on the legal frame, the acceptance of the system among all participating actors such as bus drivers, citizens, politicians and companies. She develops a methodical tool box and business models to transfer the system to other communities. At the same time, she moderates workshops, teaches at university, and is involved in other projects on mobility and city development. From 2012 to 2016 she worked at TU Dortmund University in the Department of Transport Planning where she mainly carried out teaching, a research project on a mobile travel app for elderly and did her doctorate on mobility biographies and mobility socialization.


Wed 23 Oct: Electric growth: Trolleybus in-motion-charging

BOB – A smart battery trolleybus system

The ongoing research project BOB develops a smart trolleybus system in Solingen, Germany. It is carried out by the city Solingen, the municipal utility company, industrial partners and the University of Wuppertal as well as Neue Effizienz Ltd, an associated research institute. The aim is to develop an energy efficient and emission free public transport. To this end a holistic approach is applied; the battery driven trolley bus is linked with photovoltaic (PV) systems, second life batteries and charging stations for other electric vehicles in a smart bidirectional energy grid. The smart system will be introduced and first results on e.g measures to manage the system and the acceptance of the system will provide interesting insights regarding the transferability of it.