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Director, Department of E-mobility Development and PR

General Management, SOLARIS BUS & COACH S.A.

Owinska, Poland

Mateusz Figaszewski – Director of E-mobility Development and PR department at Solaris. With a company for 15 years. Responsible for promotion of innovative zero emissions vehicles.


Wed 23 Oct: The latest on Hydrogen and fuel – cell buses

Everything you want to know about hydrogen buses but you did not have a chance to ask for. Solaris goes hydrogen!

The advantages of hydrogen as an energy source are indisputable. Thanks to its density and lightness, this element may constitute a clean energy source for vehicles, and it may enable them to cover a distance of up to several hundred kilometres. Considering the fact that hydrogen can be produced from water in the electrolysis process, we have a really clean source of energy. It is also a perfect solution for operators who have access to hydrogen derived from renewable sources, or from the industrial processes. Solaris was one of the first electric bus manufacturers to direct its research and development efforts towards electric drivelines. Nearly a decade after the première of its first e-bus, Solaris is now supplementing its zero-emission bus range with the Urbino 12 hydrogen in which hydrogen is transformed into electric energy directly fed into the driveline of the vehicle. Hydrogen technology used for power generation will enable buses to traverse even longer distances completely emission-free.