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Meredith BAKER

Junior Research & Policy Manager

Advocacy and Policy, UITP

Brussels, Belgium

Meredith Baker is a graduate from the Universities of Essex and Paris-Nanterre (International and European Law), and holds a Master in Environmental Science and Management from the Université Libre de Bruxelles.nShe works as a Junior Research & Policy Manager in UITP’s European Department, where her work focuses on accessibility, sustainable transport policies and electric mobility.


Wed 23 Oct: Electric and new-energy bus fleets roll-out and management

Announcement intro : Roll-out the e-buses! Market trends, funding and operational recommendations.

The presentation will be made jointly by UITP and the World Bank. Two speakers foreseen - names to be confirmed.
The public transport sector is at the forefront of efforts to mitigate climate change and reduce urban air pollution. Besides encouraging the modal shift towards cleaner modes, public transport plays a major role in the testing and deployment of clean transport solutions. The electrification of public transport vehicles is one of them. Many cities have committed to reduce the transport sector’s CO2 and pollutant emissions in the coming years, setting in motion a rapid growth of the e-bus uptake. But a shift towards cleaner vehicles can only be sustainable with the right framework in place, including the provision of adequate funding mechanisms to cover the high up-front costs. Learning from the observations of public transport operators who have been testing these vehicles on the ground will allow decision-makers to design the mobility solutions which are best suited for their city.