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Head of Key Account Management

Sales & Business Development, The Mobility House

Munich, Germany

Mona Litz has been working for the technology and charging expert company The Mobility House since 2014. Following product and project management positions, she is now in Sales & Business Development and responsible for key account management. The economics graduate first got in touch with the emerging market of electromobility in 2013 when she worked in the field of product management at a German premium car manufacturer.


Wed 23 Oct: Workshop: Business opportunities from the new-energy industry

Smart charging of electrical bus fleets as pre-stage of integrating bus batteries into the grid

To come to a zero-emission energy and mobility future The Mobility House aims to integrate electric vehicle batteries intelligently into the power grid.To get to this goal, electric vehicles need to be charged with a smart management system which takes various data sets such as driving schedules and battery status into account. The speech gives an overview of the features of charging and energy management systems and describes how these optimize the charging process of fleets.It will give an overview of the benefits they yield for e-bus operators including a practical example.Through smart charging the necessary grid connection capacity is decreased, and demand charges are lowered while the energy demand for fulfilling the routes is satisfied. In the future such systems can be amended with a bi-directional charging function which will empower bus operators to create additional revenues.