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Oleksandra SLADKOVA

Head of Department

urbanistics, Institute of Spatial Development

Lviv, Ukraine

For several years together with local and international colleagues I am step by step implementing modern European approaches to spatial planning in the city of Lviv as well as other municipalities.As an employee of the Institute for Spatial Development in Lviv, I am involved in most projects of streets renovation and public spaces of Lviv trying to apply the knowledge from cooperation with international organisations in our every day work.


Wed 23 Oct: Station and depot development

Renovation of Railway station square in Lviv as main transport hub of region

Station square is the biggest intermodal hub of Lviv city and of the region. It connects urban tram and bus routes to regional and intercity bus terminal, as well as main railway hub of Western Ukraine, while located in quite dense built-up environment. The square is the first example of big infrastructure project developed in Lviv and based on participatory approach with involvment of local stakeholders. After few years of studies and consultations, local, multidisciplinary team, managed to create completely new concept of the square improving experience for all groups of users. New Railway station square would provide icreased quality of mobility services for passengers, good first city experience for tourists and all needed arrangements for multiple public transport operators. It will also increase resilience of mobility options, so that accident for one mode of mobility would not disturb other modes.