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Valérie EXILIE

Project Management Officer

Département BUS, RATP Group

PARIS Cedex 12, France

At RATP since 2003 and in the Bus operating departement since 2013.nGraduated from ICN Business School in 1995, I had been working first on IT projects for 18 years (pharmaceutics, services, RATP) before entering the field operations on a bus depot.nWorking on the bus network restructuration of Paris was an amazing opportunity to combine both kinds of experiences in a real human adventure.


Wed 23 Oct: Bus operation: network design and route planning

OPC RATP Bus Department Transformation Project : How to transform an historical network over one night?

The bus network of Paris had not changed since the 50’s.
By changing 50 out of the 62 routes in Paris inner city, it is 80% of the bus network that had to be modified over one night, in the core heart of a global network.
How have we prepared this change ? What were the main challenges we had to face with ? What were our key success factors ?