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Victor Clemens HUG

Project Manager

General Management, Movia Public Transport

Copenhagen, Denmark

Victor Hug has worked with e-mobility since 2008. Since 2015, he has worked for Movia as a technical expert on electrification of Movia’s bus fleet. He was the project manager of a trial with two BYD K9 electric buses and he assisted the City of Copenhagen in spearheading a 2-year test of two Linkker 13 electric buses. Further, he was the project manager of adjusting Movia’s tender regime to enable the use of zero emission bus systems and he contributed to the tender of electric bus services in Roskilde and Copenhagen and the electrification of small ferries in the harbor of Copenhagen. Victor is a member of the UITP Bus Committee and has extensive experiences in conducting presentation at national and international conferences such as the 10th VDV Conference Electric Buses.


Wed 23 Oct: Bus service tendering and contracting

Contracting zero emission bus services in Movia Public Transport

The Danish PTA, Movia Public Transport, has received a EUR 1.1 million grant from the European Investment Bank's ELENA program, which has permitted Movia to adjust its tender scheme and thereby enable the deployment of electric buses. The speech maps out the challenges that Movia has encountered and the measures implemented to reduce the cost and secure a level playing field for the transition to zero emission bus systems. The speech also outlines the preliminary results and learn-ings from the implementation of electric buses on all of Roskilde Municipality’s city bus routes.