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Zoltan Adam NEMETH

chief of public transport and railway safety


SZEGED, Hungary

Dr. Zoltán Ádám Németh has a degree as physicist (PhD) as well as vehicle engineer (BSc). He has been working since 2006 for Szeged Transport Compay (SZKT) and Szeged Pólus Ltd. Co. He was then project manager at Szeged Electric Transport Reconstruction (2007-15), Szeged - Hódmezővásárhely tram-train project (2015-16). Currently he is the chief of public tranport by SZKT.


Wed 23 Oct: Electric growth: Trolleybus in-motion-charging

Trolley 2.0: electric buses with in motion charging from trolleybus catenary

Although traction batteries developped significantly in terms of energy storage capacity, today’s technology does not allow the exchange of city 12-18 m long diesel buses one-on-one with overnight charging electric buses. The reason: the range of vehicles is not enough for 250-300 km daily operation. One form of range extention is "in motion charging". The Trolley 2.0 project partners believe, that trolleybus catenary is suitable for charging electric buses and hybrid trolleybuses in motion. Currently Evopro Bus Ltd., Szeged Transport Ltd. (SZKT) and the University of Szeged are jointly working on the roll-out and long-term test of a composite framed e-bus which is in line with the future vision of the trolleybus networks: trolleybus catenary system can be used not just as a current supply system of the normal trolleybuses, but for the charging infrastructure of the electric buses.